Jamaica Plain Animal Clinic

10A Green St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130





Clinic Cats:

Viggo + Lewis


Viggo has been the clinic’s self- appointed greeter and snuggle therapist since his arrival at the clinic in 2007. Soon after his buddy, Mortensen, passed away in November, 2019, we started looking for a new friend for Viggo. Of course, this new friend would also need to enjoy the clinic lifestyle. Finally, Lewis, an orphan kitten whom one of our technicians had raised from a tiny 3 day-old baby, came into our lives. He’s full of wild and crazy kitten energy, and is constantly making us laugh. Most importantly, Viggo seems to love being his big brother. You can sometimes see them lounging or playing through our waiting room windows. 



In Memoriam:

VMortensen ("Morty")


In memory of our beloved clinic kitty Mortensen, also known as Morty. He passed away peacefully on November 7th, 2019, after a short bout with cancer, surrounded by his JP Animal Clinic family. We are so grateful to have had him in our lives, and will miss him dearly.